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Things you should bring along on your Everglades Birding trip:
Baseball Cap
Bird Field ID book
Bird List
Polarized sun glasses
Rain Gear
Great Sense of Adventure
Wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt. Light fabrics in summer and warmer in winter. The sun is almost always shining here - so sun protection is a must.

Everglades National Park Bird List/Photos

Everglades birding with Capt. Dave Hunt: birds of Everglades National Park

Some of the species of birds you might see on your Everglades National Park birding tour (a link to the complete list of birds found in Everglades National Park is found on the Helpful Links page). If underlined, click on the name to see pictures taken by me or my customers of the particular species, and a little more information about the bird. To see a bigger picture of any image on those pages, simply click on the photo and a larger image will appear, if available. You will need to use your back arrow to return to the species page. To see a Sample Bird List from a Trip last year, click here.

American & Least Bittern Bald Eagle Barred Owl
American Crow/Fish Crow and Grackles Belted Kingfisher Caspian Tern
Greater Flamingo Cattle Egret Coots
Am. White Pelican Brown Pelican Double Crested Comorant
Anhinga Doves


Egret - Great

Egret - Snowy Falcons -Kestrel & Peregrine
Frigate - Magnificent Hawks/Buteos (many kinds/Winter) Heron - Great Blue
Heron - Night Heron - Little Green Heron - Tri-colored
Ibis Limkins Mangrove Cuckoo
Osprey Royal Tern Roseate Spoonbill
Sandpipers, avocets, peeps and more Skimmer - Black Stilts
Swallowtailed Kite Vultures - Turkey and Black White crowned pigeon
Wood stork Gulls Loon
Moorehens and Grebes Great Horned Owl Loggerhead Shrike
Fulvous whistling ducks and many other varieties Marbled Godwit possible: caracara
Non Bird Wildlife: American Crocodile

Other Wildlife: snakes, turtles and such