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Enjoy a private, backcountry birding tour by boat with Dave Hunt, an avid birder, and certified Florida Master Naturalist, who will take you on one of 3 unique journeys to view a wide array of birds in their natural habitat. In addition to being home to a wide spectrum of resident birds, the Everglades are uniquely situated on both the Atlantic and Mississippi Flyways (the routes traveled by most long distance migratory birds). The shallow areas of the Glades provide resting/feeding spots for MANY migratory species including arctic fliers.

You NEVER know what you'll see on the Everglades Birding trip you choose:

Everglades Birding Guided trips Flamingos


Everglades National Park (ENP), one of the top 10 birding locations in the World. You will see resident coastal and wading birds and a plethora of migratory species. Click here for more information about this birding trip.

Everglades Birding Lake Okeechobee Crested Caracara

Lake Okeechobee - explore the historic headwaters of the Everglades to get up close and personal with Everglades Kites, Crested Caracara, Limpkins, Bittern, and many other true Everglades Birds as well as vireos, warblers and possibly the painted bunting. Click here for information about this trip.

Everglades Birding Guided Trip Mangrove Cuckoo


Targeted Species -land-based trips searching for the endemic Florida Scrub Jay or other uniquely positioned birds. Of course you won't just be seeing the targeted species - you will be going to locales good for generalized birding as well. Click here for more information about this Targeted Species birding trip.

Throughout this website there are references to many birds. If the bird name is underscored, you can click on the name to view an image and/or more information about that species if available.

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