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Lake Okeechobee Birding

Everglades Birding Everglades Snail Kite Lake Okeechobee is the historical headwaters of the Everglades. An alternative to birding the coastal areas of Everglades National Park, we can travel North to these headwaters and search for the fabled, endangered Everglades Snail Kite and hope to find both males and females hunting in their native habitat - the reeds and marshes of the Lake.

In addition to the Snail Kite we may very well see highly elusive Limpkins and Bitterns, may hear (but only possibly see) the Sora, see the strange Caracara and the beautiful Purple Gallinue (photo here courtesy of client, Theron "Ed" Mays), as well as many other marsh/wading birds that ply the shallow waters surrounding Lake Okeechobee for their meals. There is nothing like catching a glimpse of these birds in their native habitat.

Purple Gallinule, Thereon "Ed" Mays


Everglades Birding: Caracara