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Birding for Targeted Species

Everglades Birding Florida Scrub JayIf you have an extensive birding life list and wish to add to it, or if there's a specific species of bird you just have to see, let us know and we'll try to put together a trip to achieve your objective. Or if you just want to go tromp around looking for some of the harder to find birds that works too. We will go to remote areas that are not only frequented by the targeted species but also a wide variety of more unusual resident birds.

For instance we helped a client locate the endemic Florida Scrub Jay and the Bachman's Sparrow to add to his EXTENSIVE life list from around the world. On that trip we also saw barn owl, redstart, bald eagle and fledgling, the beautiful and melodic meadowlark, crested caracara, stilts, various egrets, limpkin, swallowtailed kite, roseate spoonbill, various ducks, eastern towhee, common yellowthroat, various warblers, wild turkey, quail, merlin, american kestrel, and more.

These trips are land based - we will drive to a location, park and walk into fairly desolate areas - usually we are the only ones anywhere around, to find these birds. Walks may be a mile or more in length in the South Florida sun, so if you don't feel up to that sort of day, please consider one of the other two trips, Lake Okeechobee or Everglades National Park (ENP) where the boat is used.