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If you are interested in a photography expedition while enjoying Everglades National Park or Lake Okeechobee, a guided photography trip is for you. This is similar to birding trips, but additional attention is paid to the specific needs of a photographer.

Everglades PhotographyYou will get as close as possible to the birds and other wildlife without distrupting them utilizing Dave's flats skiff. The boat is wide and stable, and will provide you with ample room to utilize monopods or tripods or have multiple camera/lens configurations at the ready. There's plenty of dry storage on the boat to stow gear bags as well.

With nature photography you just never know what you will see around the next bend and you have to be ready for everything!

Everglades Birding: Woodpecker by Robson Agnew

The only caveat is that there are limits to where the boat can go and to how close you can get to your subject(s). You aren't in a zoo or studio - you are in nature which much be respected. Dave will do his best to get you in position for the ultimate shot but will not cross the bounds of what is right for the Park and its inhabitants.

Depending on the tides, weather and time of year, you will traverse Florida Bay or Lake Okeechobee in search of unique subject matter. In in such a diverse environment there's always something!