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Everglades National Park Birding Tour: IBIS

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IBIS are long-legged wading birds with long down-curved bills, which typically feed as a group, probing mud for primarily crustaceans. The are very colonial. Most nest in trees near spoonbills and herons. In South Florida there are white and glossy ibis. In addition to the white and glossy there have beeevergladesbirding.com ibis white and glossyn rare, often unconfirmed sightings of Scarlet Ibis which are native to Central America. In 1962, Scarlet eggs were put in White Ibis nests at Hialeah Park - a local racetrack and supposedly the resulting population hybridised and produced "pink ibises" that are still occasionally seen...though not by me. Here a White and Glossy Ibis feed with a Snowy Egret. To go back to Bird List, click here.

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