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Everglades National Park Guided Birding Trip

An Everglades National Park birding trip by boat is the ONLY way to Maximize your birding opportunities. Over half the Park is covered in water and the birds need to access the shallow flats to feed and renourish. You can find less expensive big boat tours, which are certainly NOT personalized - or rent a evergladesbirding.com roseate bandedcanoe and try to do it yourself but your opportunities will be limited.

With over 350 species of birds in Everglades National Park your experience will be the trip of a lifetime and you will want to do it again! Click here to see a partial list of birds observed on these trips.

Everglades National Park is situated within the Atlantic and Mississippi flyways and as such is visited by an amazing array of migratory birds including the American oystercatcher, avocet, black skimmers, the long and short billed curlew, a variety of ducks, dunlin, gulls, hawks, marbled godwits, peregrine falcon, plovers, northern harriers, red knots, ruddy turnstones, sandpipers, swallowtailed kites, terns, willets, whimbrels and more.

There is little known about many of these migratory birds and there are tagging programs in place to develop more information. Dave and his clients were the first to report banded red knots in Everglades National Park to the researchers at bandedbird.org and now its been established that it wasn't just a random sighting - Dave has reported numerous sightings to them over a fairly long time interval so in addition to having a productive birding day, you can become citizen scientists as well and provide important data to help these migratory species maintain their flyways.

On the Everglades Birding trips in Everglades National Park you will have opportunities to often see large groupings of coastal residents like the roseate spoonbill, the great blue heron, the white morph of the great heron, the comical reddish egret, snowy (showy) egret, wood storks, ibis, the yellow and black crowned night herons, osprey, white and brown pelican and more. Its not just the opportunity to see these species that sets these Everglades Birding trips apart - its the fact that you can get up close to many of the birds without disturbing them due to the nature of the landscapes, and the large groupings of birds of each species.

Hurricane Irma re-landscaped much of Florida's coast so trips in 2017-2018 season will be a new experience for everyone!