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Everglades National Park Birding Tour: Anhinga

evergladesbirding.com Anhinga breeding colorsThe Anhinga, or Snakebird, is a cormorant like bird which has a very long neck, and often swims with only the neck above water. When swimming in this style the name Snakebird is apparent, since only the neck and head appears above water.

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The Anhinga swims and dives for its food - both fish and amphibians, and will often search for fish in small groups. Like the Comorant, its feathers are not waterproof and after diving must dry out its wings and feathers. To do this, it will perch for long periods with its wings spread. If it attempts to fly while its wings are wet, it has great difficulty getting off the water and takes off by flapping vigorously while 'running' on the water. There is a large breeding population of Anhingas in the Everglades. In the spring there is a good opportunity to photograph babies in the nests. To go back to Bird List, click here.