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Everglades Birding: Sandpipers, Avocets etc.

Everglades Birding Tour: Avocet

There are innumerable waders/shorebirds in Everglades National Park - sandpipers, avocet, curlew to name a few. These birds are remarkable in that many migrate LONG distances to spend some time with us in Everglades National Park. Everglades Birding: Long Billed Curlew

The Avocet, shown to the left, may summer in the Canadian Rockies and winter here or in Mexico. They are aggressive if attacked - may physically strike Harriers or Ravens if needed. Their young leave the next within 24 hours of hatching and soon swim and dive to escape predators as well.

Another wader - the long-billed curlew, is the largest shorebird in North America - and it is only found in a FEW states in the US and a rare bird to see in South Florida - luckily we have a good chance of seeing one on our trip. There is an example of one here to the right.

Everglades Birding: SandpiperThe spotted sandpiper, shown here to the left, is another, more common resident. It is easily recognized as it is constantly bobbing or nodding, only stopping when alarmed or courting. They forage on the flats for insects and crustaceans and have been known to catch insects in flight as well.



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