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Everglades Birding Tour: Night Herons

everglades national park birding tour: black-crowned night heron

There are two species of Night Herons found in Everglades National Park - the Black and Yellow Crowned - These birds are fairly similar from my perspective -except in appearance. Both are often seen standing still at the water's edge, waiting to ambush prey, mainly at night or early morning. They primarily eat crustaceans - crabs and shrimp in Everglades National Park - but I've seen the black catch and eat small fish as well - the yellow probably do too. They also will eat frogs, sirens and insects as well. everglades national park birding tour: night crown heron juvenileDuring the day they can be seen perched and resting in mangroves or on other trees. The juveniles are much less dramatically colored - and camoflauge nicely in the trees, or on mudflats and rocks along the shore.

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