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Everglades Birding Tour: Loggerhead Shrike

Everglades National Park Birding Tour: Loggerhead Shrike The loggerhead shrike is sometimes confused with a Mockingbird - they do look somewhat similar. The shrike is actually a predatory songbird distinguished from the mockingbird by its darker color, shorter tail and beak and a black mask. And, unlike the Mockingbird, which has endless songs, the Shrike is seldom heard and when it is - its song is not melodious like the Mockingbirds.

Shrikes are usually seen perched on tree tops or on wires, scanning open marshes or prairies for prey, feeding primarily on insects, amphibians, reptiles and crayfish. They have an unusual habit of hanging prey from a tree branch which is why its nicknamed the BUTCHER BIRD. This is done to help them tear the food apart and may help them store food as well. To return to the Bird List click here.