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Everglades National Park Birding: Kingfisher

everglades birding.com Belted KingfisherBELTED KINGFISHER: These rather comical looking birds are often seen perched on tall dead tree branches - waiting for an opportunity to do what they do best - catch fish. The kingfisher seems rather unbalanced and out of proportion but while it may look peculiar - it is a perfect example oevergladesbirding.com kingfisher takeofff adaptation. Its large beak and head form an effective tool for use in its deep dives, and they are well built to stand the shocks of frequent diving while its short legs and shovel-like feet are most useful in removing dirt and debris from its nesting burrows. In most places its nests are found burrowed in the ground, but in places like the Everglades they have been known to burrow in dead trees. They are rarely seen near muddy water as they have to see fish and dive for their dinner.

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