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Great Blue Heron

evergladesbirding.com great blue heron close up faceGreat Blue Herons, the largest herons in N. America are methodical birds - flying with slow, graceful wing-beats. When foraging, they stand silently along a mangrove shore or mud flat waiting for prey to come near. In an instant they then strike. They are solitary or small-group foragers, but nest in colonies. There is a distinct all-evergladesbirding.com Great Blue Heronwhite morph of this heron that everglades national park birding tour: great white heronwas originally thought to be a separate species and was called the Great White Heron - but it has now been categorized as a Great Blue despite its coloration. It is often confused with the Great Egret which is similarly all white. However they are easily distinguished as Egrets have black legs while those of Herons are light pink or yellow in color. To go back to Bird List, click here.