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Everglades National Park Birding Tour: Flamingo

everglades birding flamingoesPeriodically, small colonies of Flamingos are found on mudflats around what remains of the aptly named settlement of Flamingo in Everglades National Park. When seen, these large shy birds are often wading the flats, long necks extended downward, their bills and heads often underwater as they filter food such as crustaceans, mollusks and blue-green and other algeaes.

Everglades Birding: Flamingos in Flight. Photographer Oswaldo SaikiBecause many of their foods are high in beta-carotene, the color of the Flamingo's feathers can range from light pink to deep vermillion. The Flamingos found in the Park are usually a fairly robust color, as seen in the photo to the left - however juveniles such as those shown in the other photos above & below have very muted colors.

everglades birding.com flamingo takeoff

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