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Everglades Birding Tour: Ducks

Everglades National Park Birding Tour: Ducks

As everyone knows, Ducks are highly migratory - with many different species wintering in the warmer climes in South Florida, with large flocks inhabiting the backcountry waters of Everglades National Park. Highly wary, its tough to get close to these birds for good photos without a SERIOUS long lens- which I don't have. The photo below is illustrative of what the sky can look like when boating through coves in Coot and Whitewater Bay in the Park.Everglades National Park Birding Tour: Ducks

One duck that I see but that few believe is the fulvous whistling duck. We've not been fortunate enough yet to get a picture. They have very long legs and necks, which gives them a very identifiable profile when flying. According to the Florida Wildlife Commission, prior to about 30 years ago, fulvous whistling ducks did not nest in Florida. Today, nesting fulvous whistling ducks are abundant in South Florida where rice is grown. In winter, many fly south,with many going to Cuba but a fair number stop right in Everglades National Park.

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