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Everglades National Park Birding Tour: Comorant

everglades birding.com comorant eyeThere are a number of different Comorants in the world but here in South Florida we mainly have the double crested and occassionally the neotropic. The Comorant is black and gains a small double crest of black and white feathers in breeding season. It has a bare patch of orange-yellow facial skin. There is a large population of breeding comorants in the Everglades and their eyes take on some amazing properties during breeding season.

They are primarily found in coastal areas as they mainly eat fish which they catch by diving and swimming. Often times you will only see their snake like head break the surface of the water as they are chasing their quarry. Its feathers are not waterproof and it must spend time drying them out after being in the water. To go back to Bird List, click here.