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Everglades National Park Birding Tour: Crow

everglades birding.com American CrowIts tough to tell an American Crow from a Fish Crow so I'm won't try here. Both are iridescent black members of the corvus genus. They are opportunistic feeders - feeding on fish, snails, carrion, seeds, just about anything. They can be seen getting insects off the road in Everglades National Park.

Their numbers have declined recently as they are highly susceptible to the West Nile Virus. Their average life span in the wild is 7-9 years. The oldest recorded crow in the wild lived 16 years.

This crafty, gregarious bird has been known to make and/or use tools: poking a stick into a hole on a fence post or tree to find insects, or to use a rock to smash open a snail.

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